Asia Society Family Day: Celebration of Norouz 2018

Installations and Activities:

Persian Garden and Plates Installation by Atieh Sohrabi
Interactive Norouz Table by Aida Izadpanah
Photobooth Haftseen Caps by Negin Keyhanfar

Workshops Designed and Led by:

Aida Izadpanah – Norouz Tots Bag/ Norouz Decorative Fish, Butterfly and Flowers/ Make a Norouz Wish
Atieh Sohrabi – Norouz Stamp Project/ Persian Tile
Arian Ghousi – Paint a Norouz Egg

“The Singing Bird”, a Musical Play: 

Written and directed by Yekta Khaghani
Actors: Bahar Beihaghi, Parham Haghighi, Yekta Khaghani

Music Performance:
Anoush Saboktakin – Guitar
Parham Haghighi – Piano
Kaveh Haghtalab – Drums and Kamancheh
Siavash Haghtalab – Tombak
Eitan Gofman – Flute and Saxiphone
Antón Serrats – Bass

Costume design by Aida Izadpanah
Lighting design by Reza Behjat