Our Program

We offer both In-person and Online Classes and Workshops!

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Core Classes

Our student-centered classes are guided by progressive teaching philosophies and methods, and are inspired by different aspects of Iranian culture. Using age-appropriate materials in art, music, play, and storytelling, students of all ages are encouraged to foster their creativity and self-expression.

Depending on age group, Pardis classes include different portions of music, arts and cultural education, and reading and writing.

  • Arts and Cultural Education: We use familiar themes and concepts inspired by Persian art, folklore, and stories to introduce the Persian language; older children engage in a semester-long cultural education project. Virtual trips to Iran enhance the study of literature, folklore, history, and traditions. They feature visits to different regions of the country, focusing on topics such as Persian arts, architecture, and cuisine.
  • Reading and Writing: Younger children begin with an introduction to the Persian alphabet using music, arts, and games. Starting at the Pesteh level, we move on to formal lessons in reading and writing.
  • Music:  Music is a central part of each culture, and plays a key role in language learning, communication, and literacy. Whether singing, exploring instruments, playing games, or just moving to the beat, children in each class learn and discover the music of Iran at the same time. Beginning in Class E (Petseh), children join Pardis’s choir!


Workshops focus on a particular aspect of Iranian culture such as art, architecture, music, literature, and cuisine. Check out all the possibilities, from discovering Persepolis or the history of Persian instruments to preparing a delicious Persian meal.