The purpose for which the corporation is formed is to create a center for Iranian American children and to raise awareness about the Persian culture and language. Pardis for Children, Inc.’s primary audience are Iranian American children and their parents. We hope to impact this audience by facilitating regular interactions amongst the community and providing education on Persian language, art, music and culture while creating a strong community of next generation Iranian Americans. The secondary audience includes but is not limited to the American public who has interest in the Persian culture, other community centers, non-profits, and all other organizations that are dedicated to promoting education and culture. Pardis for Children, Inc. schedules and hosts public classes as well as organizes and promotes educational and cultural programming. It is also committed to creating a physical and online library of books, audios, videos and other relevant resources for children.

Pardis for Children, Inc. is a 501[c][3] non-profit organization, tax ID 35-2417827.