Asia Society Family Day: Celebration of Norouz 2020

Installations and Activities:

Persian Garden Installation by Atieh Sohrabi
Persian Carpets Installation by Children of Pardis for Children, led by Negin Keyhanfar
Interactive Norouz Table by Negin Keyhanfar and Hani Zandi
Photobooth Haftseen Hats by Negin Keyhanfar

Workshops Designed and Led by:

Spring Themed Picture Frame / Spring Flower by Aida Izadpanah
Persian Tile / Spring Themed Wood Cutouts by Atieh Sohrabi
Chaharshanbeh Soori Lantern / Persian Doll Necklace / Norouz Themed Tot Bag by Negin Keyhanfar 
Haftseen Origami by Hani Zandi 

“The Little Black Fish”, a free adaptation of a children’s story written by a prominent Iranian writer, Samad Behrangi

Playwright and Producer: Mehrnoush Alia
Concept & Directing: Mohammad Aghebati
Associate Director: Yekta Khaghani
Composer: Shahrzad Beheshtian and Sardar Sarmast
Set Designer: Mohammad Aghebati & Reza Behjat (thanks to Kimie Nishikawa)
Costume Designer: Elivia Bovenzi (thanks to Ava Soltani Wiltse)
Associate Designer: Negin Kayhanfar
Light Designer: Reza Behjat
Illustrator: Armineh Moghadasi
Video Designer: Adrian Jevicki
Associate Video Designer: Rodrik Biersterner
Sound Designer: Negar Behbahani

Featuring: (in the order of appearance) 

Parham Haghighi
Luca Nodjoumi
Bahar Beihaghi
Peter Sullivan
Nika Nodjoumi

“Songs of Norouz”, a Music Performance
Parham Haghighi – Piano and vocal
Bahar Beihaghi – Vocal
Martin Shamoonpour – Percussion and Flute
Kaveh Haghtalab – Drums and Kamancheh