ONLINE Class F (Gerdou)

Language, Cultural Education, Art and Music Class 

Gerdou class has multiple sections based on the children’s age and proficiency. In addition to formal reading and writing lessons, each class also includes music, art and cultural education portions. The children will learn about the different aspects of Iranian culture such arts and architecture, literature and folklore, landmarks and historical sites, handicrafts, colorful cuisine during the term.  

Children in Class F (Gerdou) will perform in a choir. They will learn how to sing a selected Persian song in an interactive and lively setting. Studying one line (Beit) per week, the students get to learn the words’ pronunciations, meanings, and the story behind the song and its original singer, as well as musical aspects such as form and accuracy of rhythms and melody.

The classes will meet once a week via Zoom but we’ll also use Google Classroom to share assignments, recordings, weekly videos and other related material for practice purposes.

* Children who are already Pardis students will continue with their existing groups. If your child is a new student, you’ll receive an evaluation form upon registration so we can place your child in the appropriate class (based on their age and proficiency).

Age range: 9 to 12 yrs
Duration: 90 minutes

  • F1 / F2: Sundays – 1 to 2:30 PM (EST) –  12 Sessions
  • F3: Sundays – 12 to 1:30 PM (EST) –  12 Sessions
Meeting Dates:
Sunday, September 17
Sunday, September 24
Sunday, October 1
Sunday, October 8 – Break
Sunday, October 15
Sunday, October 22
Sunday, October 29
Sunday, November 5
Sunday, November 12
Sunday, November 19
Sunday, November 26 – Break
Sunday, December 3
Sunday, December 10
Sunday, December 17