ONLINE - Letters & Stories (Level II)

This workshop is intended for children who have already participated in the “Letters & Stories – Level I” workshop, or are advanced Core Class D student or already know around 10 of the most commonly used Persian letters and sounds. 

In this workshop, children will be introduced to additional letters and practice the ones they already know through songs and games. By the end of the semester, they will have learned most of the Persian letters and sounds. They will also practice to sing a full song throughout the semester and will be able to read 5 short stories as they learn new letters.

After every session, children will receive worksheets to practice reading and writing.

* If you have any questions regarding whether this class is a right match for your child, please contact us at


Instructor: Azadeh Shams

Age range: 6 to 8 yrs
Duration: 45 min
Farsi Level: Intermediate listening comprehension AND should know around 10 of the most commonly used Persian letters and sounds 

Saturdays – 10 to 10:45 AM (EST) – 12 Sessions

Meeting Dates:
Saturday, September 23
Saturday, September 30
Saturday, October 7 
Saturday, October 14
Saturday, October 21
Saturday, October 28
Saturday, November 4
Saturday, November 11
Saturday, November 18
Saturday, November 25 – Break
Saturday, December 2
Saturday, December 9
Saturday, December 16


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