ONLINE - Summer Reading Program

Refine your reading skills during summer! This is a perfect workshop to improve your reading skill, and maintain your Farsi level during summer when we do not offer Core Classes to older students. Each class is 45 minutes long, and after a brief review of the letters, we focus on the reading skill of students. 

* This workshop is mainly intended for our Core Class students (Levels E and F) or other students who are at the similar level of reading proficiency (know at least half of the Persian letters and sounds). If you have any questions regarding whether this class is a right match for your child, please contact us at


Instructors: Azadeh Shams

Age range: 6 to 10 yrs
Duration: 45 minutes
Farsi Level: Intermediate 

Meeting times – Eastern Time (US and Canada):
Sunday, June 4 – 11 to 11:45 AM (EST)
Sunday, June 11 – 11 to 11:45 AM (EST)
Sunday, June 18 – 11 to 11:45 AM (EST)
Sunday, June 25 – 11 to 11:45 AM (EST)
Sunday, July 2 – Break
Sunday, July 9 – 11 to 11:45 AM (EST)
Sunday, July 16 – 11 to 11:45 AM (EST)


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