Songs of Pardis 2

Songs of Pardis 2  is a colorful collection of original songs written by a group of talented musicians, song writers and educators, for bilingual and multilingual children. This album is a musical exploration that introduces children to a variety of subjects such as animals, colors and emotions, as well as teaching them about daily activities such as clean-up time, bath-time, teeth brushing, and getting ready in the morning or for bed! They can listen to these songs in Persian while also discovering the joys of melodies, sounds and rhythms of Iran! We hope you and your family enjoy this album!  

Hani Niroo: Vocals 

Meysam Marvasti: Violin and Viola
Alireza Miragha: Trumpet 
Niloufar Mohebbi: Violin and Viola
Reza Mohsenipour: Tar 
Hossein Sharifi: Trombone 
Firouz Veysanlou: Guitar 
Pasha Yasrebi: Drums and Percussions
Shahin Yousefzamani: Piano, Double Bass, Cello and Electronic Instruments
Lyrics written by Armin Antighechian, Negar Behbahani, Nima Dehghani, Khosro Kiyanrad, Ava Nazar, Pooyan Moghaddassi and Hani Niroo
Music Production and Arrangement by Shahin Yousefzamani
Mix and Mastering by Sadegh Nouri
Executive Produced by Sanam Akhlagh
Produced and Published by Pardis for Children, Inc.

Illustration and Graphic Design by Elaheh Taherian 

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