Songs of Pardis

Songs of Pardis is a musical exploration of the Persian language and Iranian culture! A beautiful collection of original songs written by our team of educators for bilingual and multilingual children, this colorful album introduces children to a variety of subjects from letters and numbers to animals and different seasons. Children learn about the Persian celebrations such as Norouz and Yalda while also discovering the joys of melodies, sounds and rhythms of Iran! It is a fun album that you can listen to in the car or at home with your family!

Songs of Pardis has come to life in classrooms of Pardis for Children, where our community of children, educators, and parents have shared the joy of singing these tunes together. It is our hope that Songs of Pardis will now inspire other children around the world to embrace the culture and language of Iran, as it has for our own! We hope you and your family enjoy this album! 

Hani Niroo: Vocals
Salmak Khaledi: Trombone, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussions, Melodica, Celesta, Mellotron, Voice
Steve Mayone: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele 
Martin Shamoonpour: Recorder Flutes, Jaw Harp, Daf
Saina Khaledi: Santoor, Tombak
Yahya Alkhansa: Drums, Percussions
Navid Kandelousi: Violin, Tar
Vincent Ali: Vibraphone, Marimba  
Pouya Ghorbani: Back Vocals
Negar Behbahani: Back vocals, Whistles
The children of Pardis for Children: Voice
Songs written by Negar BehbahaniAva Nazar and Asal Shakeri
Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Salmak Khaledi in Brooklyn, New York
Vocals recorded by Alireza Karimi in Vienna, Austria
Mastered at Blackler Mastering in Brooklyn, New York
Executive Produced by Sanam Akhlagh
Published By Pardis For Children, Inc.
Illustration and Graphic Design by Elaheh Taherian

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