Bahar Beihaghi

Bahar Beihaghi is a New York City-based actor, born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Holding a BS in civil engineering from University of Tehran, a MFA from Actors Studio Drama school, and trained in Le Coq at L’ECOLE POINT FIXE, she appeared in two international productions in Greece and France as a full time member at Fanous Theater Company. Alongside her other theatrical experiences in Tehran, she worked as an acting coach and Farsi-French Translator for 3 years, for both children and adults. She moved to United States in 2016 to receive her MFA in Acting. She is proud to be one of the co-founders of an Iranian/Iranian American Theater Company named ‘’Peydah”.
Bahar is passionate about teaching Farsi and acting in English, Farsi and French and her vision is to bring her Persian roots to her art as a performer in the West. She is grateful to introduce the Persian culture to Iranian children living in New York through teaching Farsi, performance and music. Bahar has been collaborating with Pardis for Children since 2017.