Maryam Zadeh

Maryam is an award-winner artist, visual designer, author, UX-UI designer, and art educator who has a long-time experience of teaching in different majors of art and design in different educational levels from kindergarten to university. 

Having a second master’s degree in art education, concentrated in Art Teaching from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as earning the Art Teaching License from the state of Illinois in the US, have made Maryam’s knowledge much deeper in the both fields of art and education. 

Although teaching to high schoolers and kindergarteners in the US and Iran was already in her resume’, Maryam has learned a different points of view about how to design lesson plans and curriculums more professionally after her graduation from SAIC and starting her teaching career at Vivvi – an early childhood education program in Manhattan- beside teaching at Pardis for Children. On the other hand, her experience of teaching at different universities for more than six years in different majors of art – including Illustration, Printmaking, poster, graphic designs, and art critics – have led Maryam’s teaching career to a more professional approach.