Negar Behbahani

Negar Behbahani was born and grew up in Tehran. She started playing piano since she was 6 years old. Negar received a diploma in Persian Literature followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Azad University in Tehran, focusing on the Piano and Tombak. Having the experience of learning music from the very young age, Negar has always been very passionate about teaching music to young children and while majoring in music she started teaching both Piano and Tombak to children in private and group settings. Negar has also given several performances in public and private music halls and her first album Trio-1 (various Artists, Hermes Records) was released in 2008 in Tehran. Her love of the arts has made her excel in all her previous endeavors such as music composing, piano playing and writing short stories. She has also experimented in different mediums such as video art, sound installation and photography. Negar has exhibited her videos and installations in different museums and locations across Europe and United States.