Niloufar Ghazali

Niloufar is an industrial design graduate from Tehran University of Art. She was selected as an exceptional talented student by national elites foundation of Iran. She designed multiple products which later on were accepted and produced by various prominent factories such as Dentus in Tehran. In addition to her academic success, to bridge the gap between Iranian designers, Niloufar decided to found a community for Iranian designers to gather and network with each other. In February 2013, Niloufar hosted the First Tehran Design Week (TDW) event at the University of Art in Tehran. TDW included professional conferences, workshops and art galleries where more than 3,500 professional designers and students attended. In Jan 2014, Niloufar was elected as a head of student associations of the University of Art in Tehran. During that time, she joined Shaparak Academy for Children and decided to follow her love for childhood education. Niloufar created a play based curriculum called “Children, Body, and Intelligence” and later received the best Shapark’s teacher award by parents in 2014. In 2016, Niloufar moved to the US and now she is pursuing her second bachelor and is planning to start her own business. She’s been collaborating with Pardis for Children since 2017.