Roshanak Yousafian

Roshanak Yousefian is the owner of Popilee Patisserie, a NYC-based patisserie specializing in authentic handmade Persian sweets. Roshanak’s love for the culinary arts started early, as a young girl in her aunt’s kitchen in Mazandaran, Iran. Popilee grew out of Roshanak’s desire to combine her passion for cooking with her desire to preserve and share the exquisite cuisine of Iran with others. For Roshanak, baking is a work of art, with each pastry made lovingly by hand, with the finest organic and traditional ingredients.
Today, Roshanak’s pastries fill the “sofreh-aghd” of Manhattan weddings as well as the dessert tables of private events throughout her city. Popilee continues to expand, now catering all-things Persian. Her appetizers have recently adorned the dinner tables of events throughout New York including the annual Noruz at the Met gala held at the Temple of Dendur.