Saba Karamouz

Saba is a Brooklyn based Animator and Producer who was born in New York and raised between New York and Tehran. She permanently moved to New York in 2010 and graduated from NYU in 2015, earning her BS in Integrated Digital Media with a focus in 3D Animation. After graduation, she started her professional work as an Animator and her work has been nominated and won multiple digital and social awards but in all of her career, both before and after pursuing animation, she has always been heavily focused and involved in working as an Art and Language Farsi tutor and instructor to children of all ages and levels in New York City. Being raised with educator parents, Saba has been exposed to the education world from a very young age and started her work with children when she was 15 as an assistant to her mother who was then the headteacher of “Pietro Della Valle” Italian School’s kindergarten in Tehran. Saba has been collaborating with Pardis for Children since 2011.