Yekta Khaghani

Yekta Khaghani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1985. She has been acting on stage, Radio, and TV since she was fourteen years old. Before entering the Academic Theater Society, she attended the theater school called, “Charsoo Honar”, where she was professionally trained as an actress, ballet dancer, and creative writer. She studied Dramatic Literature at University of Art in Tehran. While studying, she performed in varies theaters such as Hasan Majouni’s Midsummer’s Night DreamBetrayal,Volpon, and so on. She participated in the performance called Neverland lead by Peter Shoman (head of Bread & Puppet theater group) in Tehran. Yekta wrote a few puppet plays such as White, which she directed it herself. White was included in the 8th Puppet Theater Festival in Tehran. After her graduation, she dedicated her time in writing plays for Radio and Theater. She also lead creative writing workshops for children and adults. The years between 2009 and 2012, she along side of her classmates, and a couple of actors and direrctors in Cinema and theater, founded an independent theatre group named “Khane”. At Khane, she researched on the relationship between theater and social political issues, wrote two documentary plays, and acted in two plays: The dream of silent innocents and Lady in Red, both directed by Mohamad Rezai Raad. She is a member of Austrian Cultural Forum (ÖKF) theater group, and brought a theater named Reigen on stage as a director and dramaturge. In late 2015, she moved to New York and continued her artistic career as a freelance writer and actress in various radio programs, and theater events. Yekta began her collaboration with Pardis for Children as a playwright and performer in 2017 Norouz event at Asia Society and since then has lead many workshops and classes at Pardis.